Did I mention I was a cat? I told you I was creative.

“Anthony writes compelling and thoughtful content for many of my clients. He does research to identify keyword and key phrase opportunities prior to knocking-out copy, which is invaluable for ranking in the search engines.”

Lawrence ZevonOwner - Zevon Media, LLC

“It’s a pleasure working with Anthony. He is a dependable writer that can work on a diverse range of topics. In the 5 years that we have worked together, he has always been responsive to our needs. I consider Anthony an asset on our content projects and I highly recommend him.”

Theo TsihitasHead of Content - Skyrocket Digital

“Over the last four years, Anthony generated topic ideas, wrote content, helped with social media, and optimized landing pages. He’s always looking out for me even when it doesn’t benefit him financially (whether it’s hopping on a Skype call to talk, sending helpful resources, or helping me become a better writer). He’s a brilliant writer and a great guy!”

Cam SecoreOwner - AllPowerMoves.com

“Anthony has always acted with the best interests of the company at heart. Anthony has a real ability to not only observe a problem but actually understand the issue then apply his experience and expertise to come up with a solution.”

James AgateSkyrocket Digital

When utilizing Anthony’s experience, skills, creativity and knowledge clients have commented it is some of the best work they have ever seen. He is a true team player and understands how to make the “whole” successful. I can assign Anthony a project and he typically nails exactly what that project demands, and in many cases even surpasses my expectations.

Dan ShureOwner - Evolving SEO